Today we celebrated National Batik Day. We left our school uniforms at home and came to school dressed in a fabulous array of batik clothing to celebrate  National Batik Day (Hari Batik Nasional) which is celebrated each year on October 2. Batik is one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage that we need to preserve from generation to generation. This special day marks the anniversary of when batik heritage was officially recognised by UNESCO. Our students and staff were proud to wear their batik clothing and it was wonderful to see the great variety of intricate and beautiful batik pattern on show.

At Sekolah Surya Bangsa, we had a Batik Day Photo Challenge for everyone to participate in; from teachers to admin staff, as well as students from Kindy up to Senior School.

Some of them took the photo on campus (with health protocols), in the yard and some took it from their homes.

During this season, we might have to be separated and cannot be together as we used to be. But wherever we are now, we are still one big community of Sekolah Surya Bangsa family. Let us continue to cherish this wonderful community that God has given to us!

Pray that someday God will bring us back together in this beautiful campus!



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