Indonesia is all set to celebrate its 77th Independence Day on August 17, 2022. As students of Surya Bangsa, we all celebrated Independence Day at school. And that probably was the time we celebrated the day with full enthusiasm.

Students from Kiddy to High school have attended long morning assemblies followed by a 3-4 hour long Independence day functions. Almost every year the schedule of the Independence Day function was repeated with almost same kind of activities.

Here are some Independence Day activities that students and teachers do:

  1. Ceremony of raising flag while singing our National Anthem Indonesia Raya and other heroic songs.
  2. Some games competitions: eating kerupuk, speech contest, putting eel in the bottle, balloon dance, sack race, reading poetry, bring a marble with a spoon, and many more.
  3. Wearing red – white dress code: School authorities used to casually announce the dress code for Independence Day.
  4. Twocolour on cheeks, hands, forehand and everywhere: We all are familiar with these colours that every students owned. The bottles of red, white colours were used till the last drop to make flags on cheeks, forehead and hands.
  5. Plastic flags: Every shop is over-loaded with those small plastic Indonesian flags. Whether required or not, every students bought at least one of those flags. People also used to stick them on cars, doors of houses, bags and everywhere possible.

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